Controversial Heights Of Mount Everest

Controversial Heights of Mount Everest When it comes to surveying and height measurement, everyone is amazed with the height of Mt. Everest. It might sound amusing but the height of Mt. Everest has never been same. Its height has been fluctuating with time throughout the history. Some say Mt. Everest lengthens by some inch every year and some say equipment used for the height measurement was inaccurate. According to recent research, in 20th December 2020, new height of Mt. Everest has been published as 29,031.69 feet (8,848.86m).
At first, the British-East Indian measured the height of Mt. Everest, which they thought was accurate until in 1970 A.D. Chinese survey declared the height as 29,029.24 feet (8,848.11m). This measurement only gratified the Chinese. So with the help of more reliable technology in 1987 A.D. Italian survey used satellite surveying technique and marked the height as 29,108 feet (8,872m). A lot of people again questioned this measurement. So, again another Italian survey obtained the height as 29,023 (8,846m), using the GPS and laser measurement technology. In 1999 A.D. an American survey again measured the height of Mt. Everest and their yielding was 29,035 feet (8,850m), plus or minus 6.5 feet (2m). This reading or mainly 8,848 m was accepted by various specialist and this value was widely used until 2020, where it was re-evaluated as 8,848.86m. In conclusion, the height of Mt. Everest has always been around 8,848 despite the controversy. But due to certain factors like: snowing, lack of well-equipped height measuring technology, natural causes (like: earthquake) there has been minor deflection in the height of Mt. Everest.

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